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Most reliable hair dryers in 2014


Your hair does not always look the way you want it to. Giving it that desired feel like you’ve just left the salon may be a challenge if you don’t have the proper gadgets. Hair products and brushes are not the only things you need in order to look good. The most important tool you should focus all your financial efforts on is the hair dryer. Having a top end device will spare you a lot of time and effort. You will look great no matter the situation and you will even save some money on emergency make-overs which normally require a trip to your stylist. Choosing the absolute best hair dryer 2014 can be a challenge. Our experts have taken the time to sort through dozens of products in order to help you make the right decision. They’ve selected a series of devices which incorporate key features which are not to be missed if you want to make the most out of your investment.

The first thing you need to look for in a dryer is power. The bigger the wattage the more efficient the hair dryer. Experts recommend going above 1500 watts.

The second thing you need from an excellent dryer is versatility. Versatility comes from different heat and air speeds.

A third feature which is a must is the dryer’s ability to offer different styling options. Great dryers come with all sorts of add-ons destined to create something new and exciting every time.

The last things you will need from a dryer is its ability to function without overheating or making too much noise. Usually this is all about materials. The better the materials used to build it the more resistant and efficient the hair dryer.


Here are the top choices we recommend:


Temperatures & Speeds
Our rating
Best Price on:
Turbo Power 3200 Twin Turbo Hair Dryer14 temperatures and 2 speeds$$$$A+AMAZON
Onei MK-II Air Ionique Hair Dryer23 temperature settings & 2 speeds$$$B+AMAZON
Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer37 heat and speed settings$$$A+AMAZON
Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer43 temperature settings & 2 speeds$$B+AMAZON
BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer56 heat/speed settings with cool shot$$AAMAZON
T3 Featherweight 2 Retaining Moisture Hair Dryer63 temperature settings & 2 speeds$$$$BAMAZON


Turbo Power 3200 Twin Turbo Hair Dryer


1If you are on the market for a top end hair dryer than this is the device to get. It is one of the most compact and lightweight out there. Even so it is still capable to deliver all the power you need to get your hair dried in no time. It is used by professionals in salons across the world. It is versatile and has a very durable body which will not get ruined with time due to heat. Just as recommended by our experts, this hair dryer has more than 1500 watts to quickly help you with your look. The 1900 watts of power make it one of the most efficient dryers out there. Because it is so powerful it will eliminate more air than other dryers, 79 cubic meters of air per hour to be exact. It has 2 different speeds and 4 separate temperature settings. It comes with an anti-iverheating mechanism and an instant cold air function. It also has a stainless steel filter which is removable and two concentrator nozzles just in case.

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“Reading expert reviews really paid off and I’ve managed to make a great choice through my new Turbo Power 3200 hair dryer. The numerous heat adjustments were the main reasons for why I bought it. With it I’m sure my hair doesn’t get damaged, maintaining its volume. I’m positive this is a salon quality hair dryer and this is why I recommend it.” - Heidi P. Beach


Onei MK-II Air Ionique Hair Dryer


2This is a dryer which is packed with new technology. Although simple looking, it is one of the best dryers on the market. It has a very well-balanced price tag and incorporates all the features needed to make your trips to the salon obsolete. The first thing worth appreciating when it comes to the Onei MK-II is its ionic generator switch. This type of technology will increase the number of styling options you have while using a hair dryer. Professionals recommend this device for its gentle drying process. It uses both ionic and infrared energy to strengthen and protect your hair. After using this dryer you will immediately see how shiny and powerful your hair feels. The results are far superior to most of its market competitors. When it comes to handling, the Onei dryer is once again amazing. It has a lightweight body and a 12 foot long cord which will allow you to move freely without restrictions. It is very silent so you don’t wake up the whole house while using it and it comes with a 4 year warranty.

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“I got this hair dryer as a present from by bf and I’ve been more than pleased by it. My old one was simply not doing it’s job properly anymore and was functioning at just one heat setting. I have no such problems with the Onei MK-II and I also like the long power cord which gives me considerable freedom to move. Life is much more pleasant when you receive such gifts from people that care about you.” - Carol Stewart


Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer


3This is a device destined for both salon and home use. It comes with incredible features and a delicate touch while still managing to be one of the most durable dryers out there. It has a low price tag especially if you consider the fact that it is a 2000 watt dryer. It is also one of the fastest devices of its kind. It will do the job in a matter of minutes without damaging your hair. It is destined for all types of hair and hair lengths. It will beautifully handle all the different hair textures and it will adapt to different situations as long as you use its abilities properly. When it comes to versatility, the Rusk Speed Freak is one of the top hair dryers 2014. It can be used with 7 separate heat and speed settings which provides unlimited variety. Our experts guarantee the fact that after using this dryer your hair will be straight, shiny and silky smooth. It is also perfect for people with curly hair or for those who want to get a more wavy effect.

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“I bought this hair dryer from Amazon a few months ago. The package came at my doorstep in the designated time and to this point I’ve been quite impressed with the way it dries my hair. No damage has been done to my hair and I dry it in a relative short period of time. The reviews I read were right to name it a leading hair dryer in 2014.” - Kelly L. Gregory


Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer


4The Tourmaline Titanium 3000 by BabylissPro is the closest you will get to salon quality devices without having to spend your months’ salary. It is a budget choice but it is still one of the most efficient dryers on the market. It is perfect for all types of hair regardless of length, thickness or look. This dryer is fast and uses far infrared heat to leave your hair looking fabulous each time you blow-dry it. This 1900 watt dryer stands out because of its ultralight body and the excellent materials used to build it. It has 6 separate heat and speed settings which are balanced out by a cool shot button to keep your hair safe and healthy. It is comfortable to hold and handle and it will use that infrared drying process to provide an even and quick drying session.  It comes with two years-worth of warranty which you will probably end up never using considering how durable this device is. Despite being so lightweight it still manages to handle shock and very high temperatures without deteriorating.

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“I went through a lot of reviews and customer reports before I decided to settle for this model from Babyliss. Six separate temperature setting help me dry my hair extremely fast when I’m in a hurry. I can’t neglect the 2 year warranty and in my book, this hair dryer is a winner!” - Dawn Navarrete


BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer


5This is a device meant for both home use and amateur stylists who are just getting started but don’t have enough money to invest in expensive equipment. The Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer looks and feels great. It has an ultralight body which incorporates a tourmaline and titanium infused grill. The rear filter is removable and it comes delivered with an included concentrator. The 1900 watts of power will be more than enough for any type of hair. This device is known for its incredible heat conductivity and the high concentration of ions it produces. Because of the enhanced natural tourmaline ions, the hair will stay silky smooth for longer than with your average dryer. As far as versatility goes, this device will provide six heat settings which are well-balanced by the cool shout you get by simply pushing a button. When it comes to noise, this is great for home use. It is not that loud and is fast which means you will not be using it for long periods of time. One last thing worth mentioning about the Titanium 5000 is that it offers great value for money.

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“The BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 has everything I could possibly want from a hair dryer and most importantly it doesn’t damage my hair at all. I like the fact that it doesn’t produce a loud noise and drying my hair with it, is actually very relaxing. I always get the right volume to my hair and a silky texture, all thanks to this wonderful hair dryer.” – Janice O.


T3 Featherweight 2 Retaining Moisture Hair Dryer


6This is one of the most advanced dryers on the market. Even though it is destined for professionals, it will do an amazing job if you decide to use it at home. All you need to do is learn a trick or two about how to properly use it. Even though it is more expensive than others, it is definitely worth the effort. Its two speed three heat settings are more than enough to handle all sorts of hair regardless of the length and texture. Just like all other professional dryers, the T3 Featherweight 2 comes with a cool shot button to balance out the drying process. It is perfect for people with thick or thin hair and it is safe to use by all. Just as its name suggests it, it is one of the lightest dryers you will find. This is a feature which will come in really handy if you are a stylist. One other thing worth mentioning about this particular dryer is the fact that it will last for a really long time. According to most testimonials and several professionals, it has one of the longest lifespans on the market.

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“I was convinced by the positive testimonials to get the T3 Fetherweight and it has proven to be as reliable as it’s customer reports said it will be. There are no side effects to using it and my hair is silky smooth after I’m done drying it. I didn’t pay too much for it and it arrived, after I made the order from, when it should have, without any delays.” - Marianne J. Wilson


Andis Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer


The Ceramic Ionic by Andis Professional is considered by some the best hair dryer 2014. It stands out because of its amazing design and most importantly because of its top end features. What is even more amazing is the price tag. Despite being an 1875 watt dryer with a 10 ft. power cord it still remains one of the most affordable devices of its kind. It is an amazingly quiet dryer made out of the most durable and modern materials used only by professionals. It has four air heat settings and it offers complete control with the cool shot button.  The ceramic technology incorporated by this dryer will keep your hair healthy, shiny and silky. When delivered this dryer will come with a resin concentrator, a metal concentrator and a resin pick which you will be able to use in order to make your hair look different each and every time you feel the need to do something new.

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“I made a great investment when I decided to get this hair dryer from Andis. It makes my hair shine after I dry it, all thanks to the ceramic drying system. The power cord is long so I have no trouble with moving while I’m drying my hair and the heat setting help me dry my hair faster when I’m running late for something. I give this dryer a five star rating.” - Renee Gardner